117b – Homework 1

Due Thursday, January 11 at 1:00 pm.

Homework 1


9 Responses to 117b – Homework 1

  1. Domenic says:

    I would strongly request that you post PDF versions of the homework. This is pretty much unreadable as-is. I think WordPress has an attachment feature.

  2. Sure, I wanted to test how this would look using just HTML code. Either a pdf or a LaTeX version (using LaTeX2HotEqN) will be posted tomorrow.

  3. Domenic says:

    Sweet, thanks :). Looking forward to this course!

  4. pdf file is now available. Let me know if there is any problems with it or with the homework in general.

  5. Jed says:

    In the future, if possible, could you also post the tex file? Thanks.

  6. Domenic says:

    This first problem is absurd—after you walk through the hint, there’s practically nothing left to prove. Maybe the second problem will make up for it…

  7. I think this Homework was actually quite easy. But that’s ok, the whole point was to make you guys comfortable with the notation. If you want to try something a bit more challenging, try to solve problem 1 *uniformly*, i.e., making e independent of f. It is still not too hard, but I don’t think the stated version of the enumeration theorem suffices for it.
    The new homework set is more interesting, I promise.

  8. Kenneth says:

    In the second problem, I think you mean $phi_{e}(n)$ not $phi_{h(e)}(n)$.

  9. Kenneth says:

    Oh never mind I’m just used to Kechris’s notation.

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