I like science-fiction. That being said, I hesitate about calling science-fiction most of what is classified as such; I guess I mostly identify sf with hard sf. Primer classifies without hesitations. This is a rare gem; it is a challenging film, and multiple viewings are probably required to fully appreciate it. Maybe some of the difficulties are not intentional, and rather the result of the inexperience of the director, this being his first feature film (a small screen telling us the date of some of the scenes would have helped every now and then). But it is worth working through this movie, and slowly unfolding its narrative.

You may have noticed I didn’t say what the movie is about, and I did the same in my previous post. But everybody knows about All the president’s men, I expect. With Primer, on the other hand, I find that part of the charm is to slowly realize what the story is about.


2 Responses to Primer

  1. Chris says:

    You make me eager to find out what the story is about

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