Sunset blvd.

Sunset boulevard

This movie was a nice find. It is funny and somewhat creepy, and full of small, pretty details.

For example, the opening scene is quite ingenuous, you see a dead man floating on a pool; it looks as if you were at the bottom of the pool, looking up at the man and at the reporters and police.  Filmed in 1950, there were no subaquatic cameras that would have allowed that shot. Instead, the director placed a mirror at the bottom of the pool, and filmed the image reflected there; they had to experiment some with the temperature of the water until the mirror image looked right. 

There are cameos of several silent movie stars (playing themselves) and Cecil B. DeMille plays himself for a few minutes, busy filming Samson and Delilah, with his actual crew.  

The DVD has several small documentaries worth watching. Particularly interesting in my opinion was the piece on composer Franz Waxman, who was in charge of the score. Other documentaries point out the parallels between the cast of the movie and the characters they play, which helps explain the strong reaction the film produced in Hollywood.

Very nice, well worth watching.


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