All about Eve

All about Eve

All about Eve was awarded the Oscar for Best Picture of 1950, competing against Sunset Blvd. Both movies deal with similar topics; in both we see an ageing actress dealing with an industry that favors the young. While Sunset Blvd. deals directly with Hollywood, All about Eve sets the story within the theater industry. Anne Baxter plays Eve, a young woman who idolizes Margo Channing, the character played by Bette Davis. Marilyn Monroe has also a small role. Little by little we discover how Eve is unscrupulously setting herself as the next great actress, by lying to and manipulating Margo, her friends, and the press.

The script is excellent, the acting is spotless, and the final scene is unforgetably beautiful. The whole story is quite enjoyable. The only detail I didn’t like was how DeWitt, the theater critic, devolves in a crucial scene into a cartoon villain. Except for this, this is a subtle and carefully crafted movie, and even though I thoroughly enjoyed Sunset Blvd., it is not hard to see why Eve was favored by the Academy.


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