Goodstein sequences

Will Sladek, a student at Caltech, wrote an excellent introductory paper on incompleteness in \mathsf{PA}, The termite and the tower. While Will was working on his paper, I wrote a short note, Goodstein’s function, on how to compute Goodstein’s function. Please let me know of any comments of corrections to either article.

Update: My paper has been published.

Goodstein’s function. Revista Colombiana de Matemáticas 41 (2)(2007), 381–391. MR2585906 (2011c:03139)Zbl 1156.03053.


2 Responses to Goodstein sequences

  1. […] a nice introduction to incompleteness and Goodstein’s theorem, see Will Sladek’s paper here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Partitioning numbersUS concerns of decline in […]

  2. […] (an undergraduate student of mine at Caltech wrote a nice paper on this a few years ago, “The termite and the tower.“). There are others. A nice one is about a game, Hercules and the […]

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