116c- Lecture 12

We completed the proof of Silver’s theorem. Silver’s argument, as understood by Baumgartner and Prikry, started a whole new series of results that culminated in Shelah’s celebrated pcf theory. See

T. Jech, Singular cardinals and the pcf theory, The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 1(4) (1995), 408-424

for an introduction (without proofs) and historical remarks, or

M. Burke, M. Magidor, Shelah’s pcf theory and its applications, Ann. Pure Appl. Logic 50 (3) (1990), 207-254

for a more technical introduction , including proofs. Jech’s paper is available through JSTOR.

We defined the cumulative hierarchy {\sf WF}=\bigcup_{\alpha\in{\sf ORD}}V_\alpha, proved its basic properties and showed that V={\sf WF}.


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