175, 275 -Suggestions for next week.

Remember that on October 31 is the second midterm. There will not be a homework set due on November 4. However, we will cover new material during the final week of October. If you want to read ahead, in 175 we will be covering the beginning of Chapter 8, probably up to section 8.3. In 275, we will be covering the beginning of Chapter 13; I doubt we will get to section 13.4, but you may want to start reading the first 4 sections of this chapter. 

The exam will concentrate on material covered after the first midterm, but it is cumulative. For 175, it will include the basics of Taylor’s theorem (and it may be a good idea to take a look at Talman’s paper; see here); but it won’t include the proof that the method of partial fractions decomposition works. For 275, you may want to review the polar expression of the Laplacian and how to derive it. For both courses, a safe assumption is that if something was covered in lecture (up to October 24), then it may be included.


2 Responses to 175, 275 -Suggestions for next week.

  1. Alex Frizzell says:

    For the test, will we be allowed to use integral formulas from the back of the book when solving problems? Specifically, this is done in the book in example 3 of 7.5 (page 472) with formulas 99 and 33.

  2. Hi Alex,

    You can, unless the problem asks that you don’t.
    In any case, we did *not* cover section 7.5, and have not used the tables at all during any of the examples discussed in class.

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