175, 275 -Homework 12

December 1, 2008

Homework 12 is due Tuesday, December 9, at the beginning of lecture. The usual considerations apply. This is the last homework set of the term. Each exercise is worth 1 point. 

  • 275: Turn in the problems you still have pending. Notice that the homework does not cover the last few sections of Chapter 14. However, these sections are included in the final, so make sure you try (on your own) a few exercises as practice. 
  • 175: Do not use the solutions manual for any of these problems. Turn in the problems you still have pending. Also: Section 8.8, exercise 28; section 8.9, exercise 40; section 8.10, exercise 19. There is no homework on the additional topics we will cover, but they will be included in the final.