502 – König’s lemma (2)

August 26, 2009

We continue with the example of domino systems.

Remark 1 There is no algorithm that determines whether a given {D} can tile the plane or not.

Of course, for specific systems {D,} we usually can tell by ad hoc methods which one is the case. What the remark above indicates is that there is no uniform way of doing this.

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598- Some links

August 26, 2009

Harvey J. Greenberg’s A simplified introduction to \LaTeX can be found here.

Terry Tao’s excellent blog is here; take special notice of his pages On Writing and Career Advice, and the many links listed there. Bookmark it and visit it frequently.

The list of Lester R. Ford Awards can be found here, with links to most of the papers. Try to let me know by next meeting which paper you want to work on.

Other links of possible interest:

  • The AMS, including MathSciNet. (You might need to consult the library about login and passwords.)
  • The MAA.

175- Update

August 26, 2009

We will have 7 quizzes through the term, and it seems unreasonable that they end up representing 60% of the grade. I have changed the percentage that quizzes, exams, and final weigh towards the total grade, to make each score reflect better the amount of work I expect to be involved (so each quiz will be about 5% of the total grade).