598 – Dates for presentations and written reports

The (tentative) schedule of talks is as follows; remember that the talks should be about 15 minutes long. Blackboard talks are fine; if you want to use slides let me know ahead of time (meaning two days before, at least), to make sure we have the necessary equipment.

  • September 30: Arnold, Bailey, Balmer.
  • October 7: Borthakur, Davidson, Droesch.
  • October 14: Dummar, Griffin, Hensley.
  • October 21: Lohmeier.

I may make a change so that we have a slightly more symmetric schedule (two days with two talks rather than one day with only one), but for now these are the dates. 

The deadline for turning in your written report is two weeks after your presentation, but feel free to turn it in earlier. I do not have much in terms of requirements here; it should be in \LaTeX and ideally it is a summary of the paper you chose to present, but I think it makes more sense to be of the part of the paper that your presentation actually used, in case not the whole paper was covered. Again, ideally, follow the standard outline: An abstract (if applicable), introduction, body of work, conclusion and discussion of future work (if applicable), and references. If you see that a slightly different format may suit better your report, go with it. Email me or talk to me to make sure it makes sense to deviate from the path. If you are not too sure of what the report should have/not have, email me or talk to me as well.

I’ll give you some feedback, both on the content and on the \LaTeX. If you would like to make changes afterwards so I can give you some additional feedback, feel free. Let me know so I can make sure I’ll have time to look at it.


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