187 – Information about the final exam, grades

Please remember the final exam is Monday, May 10, 10:30 am- 12:30 pm, in M/G 120. Please bring a blue book. The exam is cumulative.

This is how to compute your current grade:

1. There were 11 quizzes. Each quiz was graded out of 5 points (there were some extra credit points built in in some quizzes, so you may have scored higher than 5 sometimes). If you turned in the self-referential test, and your score was higher than your score in quiz 4, then this new score replaces what you obtained for quiz 4. Remove the 3 lowest scores, and add the other 8, for a number that represents 40% of your total score.

However, if you turned in any extra credit problems (remember that the deadline is Friday, May 7, during lecture), they will be used to  replace your lowest scores in the remaining 8 quizzes (before you add), and then, if there are still any additional points left, they will be added directly to your 40% score.

2. There were 2 midterms, each worth 20% of your total score. The highest of the two scores should be counted twice. This gives you another 40% of your total score.

3. The remaining 20% will be your score in the final exam.

If you want to have a reasonable idea of your current grade so far, compute the 80% you have so far, according to items 1 and 2, and multiply it by \displaystyle \frac{5}{4}. If this number is 90 or higher, your current grade is an A. If it is 80 or higher, your current grade is at least a B. If it is 70 or higher, your current grade is a C. If it is 60 or higher, your current grade is a D.

However, there will be a curve at the end, so your grade may be higher than the one obtained by following the instructions above.

Please email me or post a comment in case you have any questions.


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