Sets and games

September 1, 2011

I just finished a talk at the Department Colloquium on Sets and Games. I have posted the slides in my talks page. About a year ago I gave a talk in the Graduate Student Seminar on Determinacy (also available in my talks page). Though that talk was significantly less technical, it covers a nice bit of history that I had to skip in this case, and I think the two complement each other well.

The talk today covered some of my recent results with Richard Ketchersid on the structure of natural models of determinacy. (I have discussed technical details of the proofs in other talks, also available at the page linked to above.) At the end I touched on some recent results with Boban Velickovic on failures of square principles (inspired by similar recent results of Dilip Raghavan), and on the results of the SQuaRE group I am a part of: