A letter

January 24, 2012

I don’t know how I didn’t know about this.


The above is the letter presenting the resignation of the editorial board of Topology, an Elsevier journal. The journal has been discontinued as of this year.

[…] As you are well aware, the Editors have been concerned about the price of Topology since Elsevier gained control of the journal in 1994. […] The journal Topology has an illustrious history with which we, on becoming editors, were extremely proud to be associated. […] However, we feel that Elsevier’s policies towards the publication of mathematics research have undermined this legacy.

Therefore, with great reluctance and sadness, we have made the difficult decision to resign. […]

On Google+, David Roberts gave a link to the journal’s site, with some highlights: As you can see here, the last published issue (vol. 48, 2-4) was June-December 2009. The previous issue was 40 pages and consisted of 2 papers (that you can purchase access to, at $31.50 each. Plus tax.) And there is also a supplement, published on December 2011. Only $31.50 (plus tax) for a 4 page correction.

For some context, see this blog post by Tim Gowers and this page.