Olden days

Martin Conference, Berkeley, May 27-28, 2001.

Martin-Group-medium(If someone has a version in higher resolution, or pictures of the conference, please contact John Steel, or myself.)

A very incomplete key, possibly with mistakes:

  • First row: ?, Diego Rojas-Rebolledo, ?, Leo Harrington, Ernest Schimmerling.
  • Second: Peter Koekpe; Alexandra, Hugh, and Christine Woodin; Xianghui Shi, me, John Clemens.
  • Third: John Steel, Alessandro Andretta, Tony Martin.
  • Fourth: Stevo Todorcevic, Paul Corazza, Philip Welch, Ilijah Farah, Qi Feng, ?, Martin Zeman, Robert Solovay, Richard Laver, Erik Closson (?), James Cummings.
  • Fifth: ?, Itay Neeman, Thomas Jech, Greg Hjorth, Joan Moschovakis (?), Yiannis Moschovakis, Matthew Foreman (?), Ted Slaman, Jindra Zapletal, Joan Bagaria.
  • Sixth: Benedikt Löwe, ?, Jean Larson, Bill Mitchell, ?, Carlos di Prisco, ?, Mike Oliver, ?, Lorenz Halbeisen, Derrick Duboise, Peter Koellner.
  • Seventh, etc: Herb Enderton, ?, ?, Joel Hamkins, Alain Louveau, Slawomir Solecki, ?, Mack Stanley, ?, ?, Tomek Bartoszynski, Paul Larson, Lisa Marks, Richard Ketchersid. ?

2 Responses to Olden days

  1. I’ll try to post a key over the next few days. [Edit: Added, though terribly incomplete.]

  2. […] this picture a few days ago, when looking at the old photos from the Martin Conference. I posted here the group picture from that conference. John Steel should be posting the other pictures soon (well, […]

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