The Dalek invasion of Boise

June 1, 2013

So, we went to Kathryn Albertson Park, to play football. But it was so hot, and there were so many geese mementos on the grass, that Francisco felt unhappy, and wanted to go home instead.

We are walking back to the car, when


“Wait. Is that a Dalek?” Francisco was ahead of me. He stopped, came back, and looked at where the camera and I were pointing.

“Yes. That’s a Dalek. And that’s the Doctor.”


The part that I wasn’t expecting was what happened next. He looked at Najuma and I, scared, and said:

“I want to get in the car. Let’s go home.” He started to go for the car, then he looked at me. Why are you not running, you fool?

“No, wait, let me take another picture.”

“No, no, let’s go. Let’s go…” There is a Dalek in the park coming for us, you people, what are you doing? Run! RUN!!

“Oh, it’s talking, what is it saying?”

What else, really? EX-TER-…

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