Help us identify all mathematicians in this picture (click on it for a larger version). Please post comments here, on G+, or email me or Paul Larson.

The picture will appear in the book of proceedings of the Woodin conference, (Thanks to David Schrittesser for allowing us to use it.)


16 Responses to Help!

  1. There are 53 people in the picture.

    Roughly from left to right,

    Douglas Blue
    Scott Cramer
    Liuzhen Wu
    Nam Trang
    Daisuke Ikegami
    Xianghui Shi
    Vincenzo Dimonte
    Joseph Van Name
    Tony Martin
    Alexander Kechris
    Joan Bagaria
    Laura Fontanella
    Paul McKenney
    Kaethe Minden
    Kameryn Williams
    Paul Larson
    Sheila Miller
    Ronald Jensen
    Steve Homer
    Juliette Kennedy
    David Schrittesser
    W Hugh Woodin
    Gunter Fuchs
    Arthur Apter
    Menachem Magidor
    Charles Parsons
    Jouko Väänänen
    Ralf Schindler
    Rehana Patel
    Nate Ackerman
    John Steel
    George Kafkoulis
    Ilijas Farah
    Martin Zeman
    Assaf Peretz
    Grigor Sargsyan
    Akihiro Kanamori
    Trevor Wilson
    Maryanthe Malliaris
    Hossein Lamei Ramandi
    Philip Welch
    H Garth Dales
    Derrick DuBose
    Gabriel Goldberg
    Joel David Hamkins
    Ted Slaman
    Jacob Davis
    Doug Hoffman
    Joshua Reagan
    Matthew Foreman
    Zeynep Soysal
    Daniel Rodríguez
    Peter Koellner

    (On behalf of all the editors of the volume, thanks to Benedikt Löwe, Iian Smythe, Miha Habič, Joel David Hamkins, Asaf Karagila, Yizheng Zhu, and Derrick DuBose.)

  2. Here are a few more:
    – Nate Ackerman’s face is visible next to Ralf Schindler.
    – Maryanthe Malliaris is between Grigor and me.
    – Kaethe Minden is in front between Martin and Woodin.
    – Jacob Davis is in front in red coat.
    – Joseph van Name is in red shirt in front of Joan Bagaria.

  3. Behind Nate might be (partial forehead view only) Rehana Patel?

  4. James Cummings says:

    Matt Foreman to the right of Derrick DuBose, Hossein Lamei Ramandi (I think) to the left behind Philip Welch, George Kafkoulis (I think) behind Ilijas Farah, Paul McKenney in green windbreaker at back behind Laure Fontanella,

  5. Sorry, it seems it should be Joseph Van Name, with a capital V. (And also I usually go by my full name.)

  6. The man behind Nam and in front of Daisuke is Liuzhen Wu. Xianghui Shi is misspelled.

  7. Are we sure the last two are not set theorists from the future, that traveled back in time to attend this meeting?

  8. […] This book contains the proceedings of the conference in honor of Hugh Woodin’s 60th birthday, that I previously discussed on this blog (here, here, and here). […]

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