A puzzle


I was recently sent this picture, from the October 1989 set theory workshop at the MSRI as part of its Logic Year.

Paul Larson suggested to crowdsource the problem of identifying the attendants in the picture. Please feel free to participate in the comments and let’s see how far we get.



5 Responses to A puzzle

  1. To get things started, a very small sample: In the front row, we have Saharon, Menachem and Marion Scheepers. In the next row, I see Jean Larson, Carlos Montenegro and Ted Slaman. In the next row, Joan Moschovakis, Aki, Robert Soare, Adrian, Philip Welch, Hugh, Jech, Howard Becker, Carlos Di Prisco. In the next, John Addison, Solovay, Alekos, Andreas Blass, Joan Bagaria. Somewhere in there, you also find Paul Corazza, Ernest, Bill Mitchell, Tomek, Matt Foreman, John Steel, Tony, Yiannis, James Cummings, Carol Wood, Richard Shore, Cherlin.

  2. Not Mike says:

    I’m fairly confident that third from the left in the front row is Alan Dow.

  3. What a great picture, thanks for posting it! It is Bill Weiss in the first row, sitting first on the left. Isn’t it Jörg Brendle in the front row, 4 left from Saharon?

  4. Paul Larson says:

    Kai Hauser is next to James Cummings. James Baumgartner is NNW of Jean Larson. MacLane, Jockusch, Harrington, Soare, Mathias and Welch are all in a row? Solovay and Halmos behind them? Steve Jackson near Blass? Louveau in front of Joan?

  5. Here is a start.

    Back row, from left: Achim Ditzen, ?, James Cummings, Kai Hauser…

    Second row: Aki Kanamori, ?, ?, Carl Jockusch, Leo Harrington, Bob Soare, Adrian Mathias, Philip Welch, ?, Hugh Woodin, Alain Louveau, Thomas Jech, …

    Front row, starting with: Jean Larson, Wolfram Pohlers, Stefan Bilaniuk, …, Joerg Brendle (with crossed legs in front) ….Ted Slaman….Menachem Magidor

    At left, third row: Charles Steinhorn, Yiannis Moschovakis (with John Steel behind), …….., James Baumgartner, Haim Judah, John Addison, Robert Solovay, Paul Halmos, Alexander Kechris, Andreas Blass, Joan Bagaria, ?, Carol Wood, ……, Bill Mitchell

    behind them: Matthew Foreman, ….., Tomek Bartoczynski, Greg Cherlin,

    I know many more, and can post later, if you can indicate which people you don’t yet know.

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