February 16, 2019

Last year, Brittany Shelton and I coauthored a short note introducing the readers of Mathematics Magazine to Partiti, the puzzle featured in the Magazine throughout 2018. This year the Magazine will feature Tribus, a puzzle created by David Nacin.

At the invitation of Michael Jones, the magazine editor and my colleague at Mathematical Reviews, Brittany and I helped with the selection of Tribus as this year’s puzzle and wrote a very brief (one paragraph) introduction, Introducing Tribus,  which can be seen at the Magazine’s site or through my papers page (under Others).



February 1, 2019

Partiti is a puzzle created by Thinh Van Duc Lai, a Vietnamese puzzle enthusiast most of whose puzzles involve mathematics in some form. His work has been featured in The New York Times, see here. Partiti puzzles appeared on Mathematics Magazine throughout 2018.

Brittany Shelton and I coauthored a short piece introducing the puzzle to the Magazine readers at the invitation of Michael Jones, the magazine editor and a colleague at Mathematical Reviews. It is titled Of puzzles and partitions. Introducing Partiti, and can be found on the arXiv or through my papers page.

Very nice news from Google

January 21, 2011

See here:

Maths is very important to Google. It’s the basis of everything we do: from the algorithms that deliver answers to your search queries, to the way in which your Gmails are grouped in conversations, to the technology advances which are enabling us to develop driverless cars.


And so yesterday, together with the Advisory Board of the International Mathematical Olympiad, we were proud to announce that we are making a gift of one million euros to the organisation to help cover the costs of the next five global events (2011-15).


August 27, 2010

As a mathematician, this was a relatively eventful Summer.

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