SQuaREs, 2013

This week (May 20-May 24) I am in Palo Alto, at the American Institute of Mathematics, for the third year of a SQuaRE meeting on Descriptive aspects of Inner model theory. The previous two meetings are mentioned here and here. See also this post on some of our results.

This time two other SQuaRE meetings are happening simultaneously, one on the Possible shape of the numerical ranges for certain classes of matrices, and one on Singular cardinal combinatorics. Here you have the two set theory-related groups:


From left to right: Menachem Magidor, Paul Larson, Grigor Sargsyan, John Steel, Martin Zeman, me, Assaf Rinot, Dima Sinapova, James Cummings, Sy Friedman, and Ralf Schindler.


One Response to SQuaREs, 2013

  1. That looks like a lot of fun! The items on the desk seem artistically chosen.

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